Couple shots, can be great fun. There much more relaxed, in many ways from how you feel all the way down to what you wear. There are no time constraints or guests to watch you. This moment is about you celebrating each other and anchoring that time and that photo to your engagement. We’ve put together a couple of tips to read through. If you like, you can get right down to business and contact us through our contact page to book a consultation of your choice.

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Finding the ideal location…

First lets address what the ideal location is. Well there are a couple of factors, one of them being you guys. The location can be somewhere you love, has emotional ties, or can just be a place where you feel like you. If thats a struggle, don’t worry we can fill in the gaps, and find a location that works well for you.

Another important factor, is time of day…….

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It’s the right time of day…

The time of day has a major impact on the way in which a photograph is taken. I know this part is technical, but its relevant behind why we choose the times we do, and why each minute is vital.

Light makes landscapes interesting and will be part of what makes a photograph stand out from the rest. If you want those cinematic photos that we love to create, then timing is essential. We tend to like early morning or mid afternoon during winter, Summer early evening.

Timing is everything and with good prep and planning we can achieve cinematic views with rich colour.

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It’s all about you…

This is where you can relax, just be you. We will shot close up and at a distance.. The point is that you get to work with us, enjoy the experience, understanding the way we work and how we communicate with you. We will help you with our signature poses, so that on the big day you will feel at ease.

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The couple this works best for?

We just want to reassure you that this is for every couple. There is no one we’ve met that hasn’t enjoyed their couple shoot. What we’ve seen is that couples who can be their selves with us, in a relaxed setting and are better equipped for their big day.

Not only that, we get to know you and you get to know us. Bonding with your photographer is so valuable. Now we understand not everyone wants an couple shoot, and not all couples do and that’s fine. You will get amazing photographs no matter.