You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever

This is the pre-ceremony section, and depending on who you are will depend greatly on whether you value this part. You may not add this to your album, but the memories associated with this part of the day are pretty powerful. Why? well lets face it you are going to be excited, nervous and stressed, and in this highly emotionally state you’ll find you will miss so much.

As your photographers its not only our aim to document this section in all its glory, but to also help you remain calm. Guide you where needed and bring the fun to the party. This is why meeting your photographers is key, because when your stressed and there’s someone your not 100% in tune with, will do your noggin in! head in… you get what I mean.

Our objective is to capture the details, the sentimental details from the something blue, something borrowed, to presents, shoes, dress, hair, makeup…. etc etc.



Bridal prep can be anywhere between 1-2hours, as this also includes travel as well from home/hotel to church. Grooms are a tad different, they tend not to do as much. However, we’ve photographed go-carting mornings… so again can vary on the things you want to do, and we’re always ready to adapt and invent for you.

Depending on the time of your ceremony, will depend on the time of your prep.. obvious, yes! We have to include aspects such as the car arriving, and travel to the second location where your ceremony is being held. They tend to start any time between 9am - 11am