During the ceremony, we have to work with the venue and the registrar or Vicar. In most cases there are limits to what we can do within this setting. After all it is a most special event, which we wouldn’t want to disrespect or take away from you. Plus we like to leave a good feeling, so that future photographers wont have any issues when working with their own brides at the venues.

Despite having limited movement, having two people record your day means we get two angles, two perspectives which means its not that much of a struggle.

The other aspect is light, we can’t use flash… yes its a big no no!! within churches and with the registrar, in fact we can at times be limited to when we are allowed to take photos. However, I like to think I can be stealth enough to get the shots I want.


One of the worst things to happen during our time shooting the ceremony, is when guests step into isle with phones and iPads. Now were not saying this is a must, but definitely worth considering, especially when its becoming common place; and that’s asking for a camera free wedding. Theres lots on pinterest to guide you… here is a link to help you! “No Camera wedding”