This is the section of the day where its almost time. Your bridesmaids will help you get in to your dress, assist you where needed and hopefully settle your nerves as they try their hardest to settle their own. Its a harder task than you think, because lets face it.. their part of your bigger story.

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words.
— George Eliot

Lets not forget the other important members of the family.. MOM AND DAD! This is an emotional time for them, and usually as parents we calm our nerves by nurturing and taking control. So you may find Mom is trying to feed everyone, keep things tidy, attending to you etc. A tip for us would be make sure someone is taking care of Mom, then she can enjoy these moments with you even more. Dad, well what can we say about Dad’s.. Silence, that’s what usually happens. So many things running round in their head, the speech, giving their daughter away, after all this is your milestone and theirs too, and its huge.

This part of the day is all about the emotions, those hidden moments just before those huge steps are taken. Their are no set rules, just sniper like observation.


Tips and tasks, I would say keep on top of the mess. The reason being is that we want to keep things real, but not to real when it comes to the photos. If you can monitor things, and help provide that ideal space by ensuring any mess is cleared up, or repelled from that area that would be grand.

As a tip, choose a clutch that can house the brides goodies, that you don’t mind carrying for her during the early part of the day. A crochet needle for buttons, that will save your nails. A comb and small can of hairspray for those fly away hairs and some lip gloss to make those lips look lush.

And the rest we’ll leave to you.. x