When it comes to shooting the groups, a lot of the time is taken up in the organising and gathering of people together. Sometimes the whether can delay the start, or it can be so hot that we need to ensure a area where its cool or a carefully considered plan where we can take time out of the sun.

This stage entails preparation prior to the day, with key information and specific questions from you in order to make a plan that considers and appreciates your day and guests.

During your booking you will find that we have set dates for meets. The most essential meet is 4 weeks before your big day, this way we can look at your venue, understand those that have committed to your invites and cater to their needs.


Here’s a head start for your prep meeting… if you can consider these factors, it should help assist you in who needs help, seating and a carer. On the other hand it may also help you if you want props, or handmade items with you to add that handcrafted touch to your images. In other words pinterest worthy images, magazine style images….. etc etc…

  1. Do you have elderly guests who cant walk to far?

  2. Is there any one who may be heavily pregnant?

  3. Do you have disabled guests?

Props & Pinterest Ideas

  • Personalised shoes, wellies, umbrellas

  • Name cards

  • Thank you Boards

  • Date Board

  • Mr & Mrs

  • Flower arches

  • Picnic Set ups

Are just some of the elements we’ve worked with…