I know you’ve mostly likely scoured lots and lots of photographers by this point, which can be mind boggling to say the least. I’ll bet you’ve lost days on Pinterest… (once I’m there, the family have to fend for themselves… while the team crack on)

As a husband and wife team we’re big romantics at heart, we’ve been photographing weddings & Portraits since 2010, working all over the UK. Working with all styles, from the formal to the informal, the creative to the whimsical. Each one unique and special. Our style of photography is inspired by the great out doors, our need for adventure, and our love of movies, amazing NETFLIX originals and super hero’s.

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Being wedding photographers is hard yet rewarding job, and its a huge and a most gratifying responsibility. When a couple reward us with a booking, its not just a job that is won, it goes way beyond that. You see, as artists you can’t help but feel that warm feeling of attachment to your new couples. Why? well because out of everyone, you chose us, and we choose you too.

We choose this path, because this is what we love…. LOVE!

We’ve been married 21 years, and for us our wedding day is very special, and we treat it as though it wasn’t 21 years ago, we treat it like it was yesterday.

I know cliche!! BARF!! I would be lying if I told you any different.

I guess keeping in with the romance, gives us the golden ticket to keeping our memories alive and relevant. Its easy to spot love, when your in love too :)…

Anyway, that’s enough of that…. I don’t want to over shadow the reason you’ve popped by…

Take a look through our website, which you may have done already.

I would recommend looking at the chapters of the day, this should help you decide which parts work best for you, and will help you decide which package is more you.

So a huge congratulations from us here…

Michelle & Nick

The only way to capture your day is to know who you are and the things you like and love...


Choosing your photographer is a love story in itself, and always should be. We are not just capturing you day! We’re treasuring your day through our eyes, skills and experiences. We have gained the knowledge, the technique, and understand the behaviour of weddings. We’ve gained the right to that sixth sense, to instinctively feel moments as they begin to unravel, and to capture them as they unfold. Moments that may have been missed or even ignored, can be the photos you treasure amongst them all. They are the glue that sticks the bigger picture together.

A fab consultation, with great communication is the key to the figurative map. In other words, the more you express and the more you tell us about who you are and all the details, the better our photography plan will be. The more we will look for those elements.



We love the great outdoors, mountains, travel, our husky Todd, our cat Charlie, motorbikes….



Director: Lead Photographer, Marketing & Branding.

Lover of films, forests, animals ( especially their dog Todd Aka my shadow)

I crochet, doodle and paint animal portraits to relax, and I love Motorbikes, skiing! I just love the outdoors.

DREAMS: To be surrounded by trees when I wake up every day

To travel and see all the mountain ranges, the Northern lights, and to take Todd (our husky) to Norway!



The Infamous Pair, together we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Our unique identity is our ability to understand each other without saying a word,

To have two ideas, that lead to one place



Director: Business Development & 2nd Photographer

Lover or mountains, walking, vistas, cars and driving the breadth of Europe, motorbikes, need for speed, Skiing

Expert level in DIY, Dog walker, Technical genius, human calculator (well he can add up quicker than me)

DREAMS: To live in the mountains, in a wood cabin! To travel the west coast of Canada again