1. YOUR BOOKING - Most like started 12 - 6 months before your wedding date. In that time you will most likely contact us 5-6 times, sometimes more and that’s OK, we love good communication. As it brings great rewards in understanding you, your day and how our style will wrap it all together. We will create pinterest boards with you… were we can work on understanding you and your expectations.

  2. CONSULTATIONS - besides your initial meet, we will be looking forward to seeing you weeks before the big day. Whether this is in the comfort of your home, or at your venue, you will find these touch bases will help relax you. They will also give you an opportunity to ask questions over a glass of wine… Why Not!!

  3. YOUR WEDDING DAY - No matter your package choice, we work really hard to capture all the moments. The only time we put the camera down is while you eat, because if any one photographed us.. well! No… !! Lets not think about that. Once your meal comes to an end and the coffee comes out, just before the speeches.. we rise from our little rest and start to capture genuine happiness as the main parts of the day are done, bellies are full, and everyone’s stopped worrying about their dress, suit or hat. Conversations start and then you see the sparkle…

  4. POST WEDDING EDITING - While you enjoy your moments as MR & MRS we relive the beauty of your day, by editing every second of your day all over again. Which is a beautiful, seeing moments unravel themselves in front of us. We get so excited about showing your gallery which is delivered to you 4-6 weeks after your big day.


£250 - £300


A great way to announce your engagement to the world through beautiful images, in a idealic location of your choosing. You can use your shoot for save the date cards, or have a large printed canvas that can be signed at your wedding reception.

Typically shoot at Early AM for beautiful morning light, or PM and hour before the sunsets.


£950 - £1700


Our wedding packages are based on the customer service, preparation, the day and after the day. We’ve carefully sourced beautiful products we know your going to love, and show our work off the way it should be, with the best of the best.

We keep our Saturdays free for you, but if you would like a week day then let us know!

Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future!
— One of my fav photographers - Sally Mann