After helping countless friends and businesses with their visual aches, I decided to change my path from a weddings, fashion portraits and advertising and to offer my skills as a resource to those needing support and guidance in creating a visually stunning business. 

I realised through my own traumas, that marketing is not only hard, but its hard to live up to as well. It came to a point that I no longer felt like myself, and that for me things, business and life had to change. I became self employed so I could love what I choose to create... yet I felt so far away from where I started. 

Then one day, it all made sense after understanding the philosophy of"like attracts like"

How you can you reach and attract the right client for you?

To attract the right client for you, is the same as using the right bate for the right fish. If you want clients who are authentic, and want to make a difference in their life or business, then you have to be what you are trying to attract. Authentic and reflecting integrity.

How can you do that, how much authenticity is enough and how much is too much?

Well that all depends on your core values, your goals, service or product. I can you help you understand, refine and plan for the business you have today and where you wish your business to be tomorrow. But first comes your brand, YOU! 

I will teach you to be the face and heart of your brand. To remind you that your product/service are just bi-products of your goals, but it will be you that will hold the key to the success of your business now