One little piggy went to market, and this little piggy went ow ow ow! 


You know the score ladies, those memories of your girly nights out in those heels still smarts in your memory. But, how can you say no to heels on your day, when you have at least 10 hours of potential wear on your feet.

I’ve seen many hacks during bridal prep to keep those tippy toes happy! So here are 5 hacks to help you.

  1. Ibuprofen gel! Seriously every woman should have this in her bag. Brides have applied this during bridal prep, so that they are ahead of the game. Smart thinking me thinks!

  2. Gel pads to make your shoes really comfy, worth getting yourself some extras so you always have a back up plan.

  3. This is a obvious one, but you could have a variety of footwear throughout your day. Heels for the ceremony, pumps for group photos (much better on grass).. sparkly flip flops so your feet can breath while you have your wedding meal.. and sunset couple shots… maybe some dance shoes, or wellies that are personalised if the weather is bad. Lots of options.

  4. In the heat of summer feet can swell, not only that but your wearing a wedding dress which can hold the heat. Allowing your feet to breath, with beautiful flats, flip flops, or even the hobo lace which just decorate’s your feet, means you can keep you toes lovely and cool. Cools spray them as you go, will help you manage the heat.

  5. On the other hand, your feet can get super cold in winter. So practicality may be a must, with soft ground you want to keep your balance. Boots with a chunky heal, can mean you get to be the only lady besides you groom wearing socks! I know, socks… but you could add to them, get them embodied or wear sexy stockings or over the knee socks with ribbons.. very Marie Antoinette…


Just remember this is your day, and you can make anything pretty. The most important part is that you remain comfortable, because its a long day on your feet, wearing a heavy but beautiful dress all day. The happier you’re going to be, the better you will feel and believe us it will show through.

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We’ve set up a pinterest board in for wedding shoe inspo as well. Its ever growing, so you will find that you will see more and more ides on there as the days pass. Feel free to pin our board, or tag yourselves in.

There you go ladies and gents… don’t worry if your a groom, I’m sure you can mix and match these elements for you too! We definitely think a change of footwear for the evening part of your day will go down well, and save any spillages from drinks on the party wrecking your smart shoes. As well as no excuses for avoiding the dance floor!

Lots of wedding loves

Over and out

Michelle & Nick