We’re big movie buffs here at the How ‘ard can it be done household! On Sunday, we decided to enjoy watching films from batman begins to batman rises. Christopher Nolan is amazing! I don’t think anyone can argue that… his methods of filming, framing and colour just lead you through the story constantly… there are no real gaps that make you wonder!

It lead me to the idea of how you are the story tellers, the visionaries. You feel the emotion about how you met, the first glance, and how you got to where you are right now! Wedding Photographers are your directors… and just like a film, we become your eyes, an ambassador of your vision.

Understanding the tiniest of details is vital to us. Getting to meet you is key. Knowing your story, and all the bits about your day is essential. Understanding why you choose books as your center piece tells us a lot about you! Even down to your cake, the more we know, the more we are able to concentrat and observe all those details so much more.


Our minds are working at 100 miles an hour on your wedding day, thinking about the framing, composition, lighting, the moments that evolve from the funny conversation we've overheard, as comedian uncle Bill is recounting the past, when you snook out of the house with your Mom’s best shoes on when you were only  5 to play in the mud. ( I know even my ears become super sonic.. ) but these little things are where those interesting moments which suddenly explode.


michelle howard wedding Photography-3-2.jpg

Being a good director, means seeing the whole story, yet concentrating on the bits that add emotional power to the way your story is captured. We also take great pride in the fact that all day you haven’t been able to experience as much of your day as we have, because of the hustle and bustle.  So this is your sneaky peak behind the scenes of everyone loving your day! The proof really is in the pudding!!

Choosing the right director for you day, has many factors. But, theirs one thing we can be sure of, you and your photographer should connect, they should sympathise with your vision, they should bring extra energy through their own level of experience. They most certainly should be excited by your day just as much as you are.

And when you find that right person you will know!! Always remember for all the little bits you do, capturing your day in a visual way, will be the most priceless and timeless thing you do. It's the only way your day will stand still in time.

That’s all folks

See you soon

Nick & Michelle