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Smoke and mirrors is a tiresome game in the marketing industry. Be customer focused not competitor focused

It's way too easy to go down the route of stalking your competitors. In some ways you need to know whats happening, I guess? right?? 

Well, I'm going to say something that might shock you. Don't look at your competitors! Stop watching their every move, their prices lists, how they do this and that. Seriously it will get you down and your mojo will hit rock bottom. I know, because I became obsessed with it. It soon turned into a habit, and boy was I completely dishevelled by it. 

My confidence was rock bottom, I felt useless for a while!

Despite all my stalking, I could never truly succumb to the ideals they were projecting, the look of their images, or style of editing. I could never ever be happy being a copy of someone else. I knew deep down I just had to be the best of me. 

Here are my pitfalls and how I avoided them in the future...

  1. Wow! I'm so busy, my messages are blowing up! This only looks good to your competitors. Wow, she's really making a success of her business. Where you clients will be thinking, I won't bother her/him as they don't have time. This is being competitor focused and not customer focused. So avoid putting comments like this anywhere. Remember busy is good but busier is better. So you could say:- " having a great season here at "blah"... we have spaces for meetings this month. We would love to hear from you". Maybe something along those lines... at least your getting across your busy, but your also saying you have time for new prospective clients. 
  2. Their nothing worse than finding out a business you were inspired by isn't what they say they are. So be what you say, be authentic and as positive as you can. Stay far away from any kind of moaning, especially about customers. Even if you've had a really difficult day, and you want to share new terms and you feel you're justified as this offers your other clients support and info based on what you will or won't do. Due to the difficult client making you feel that you need to run your business smarter. Make your business a no complain zone, like mom said: "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all". Customers should feel safe around you, and if they are difficult, your privacy about the matter may save your bacon and create a lasting client if you handle it well. 
  3. Heres my third and final point. Be the person you want to be around. Reflect the customer you are looking for. People are more attracted to the people they aspire to be around, they are more likely to connect with you as you have built a trust with them just because of your habits and responses to the world around you. Your brand will thank you for it. 

Soo, on review, staying positive, keep negative opinions to yourself, don't be Donald Trump to your business. Treat your brand like a celebrity, because your potential clients are watching, other businesses that could recommend you are watching. Be seen to be customer focused, and remember the more you value you, the more they will too.

You don't need to be everything in the circus in order to be noticed. You're unique to your clients when you're being you! 

I hope this blog has helped you... if you would like my help shaping your brand. I will offer you 30 minutes of my time when you book in an exclusive date and times by utilising my capture your brand session.

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Michelle Howard - Capture Your Brand