Stop Missing The Spot And Create A Stunning Personal Brand Using These 5 Starting Tips On Why You Are The Best Story Teller Of Your Business!

A book without a cover, is like a blog with no soul. I love books, and seeing a beautiful cover not only tells me about the content of this story in one snap view, it builds a feeling of excitement, enticing me to have to read more, because I’ve become invested in the characters… I must know the outcome, in fact I have finished books and felt bereaved when they have ended. I know it’s sad, but we all want to escape, inspire and aspire to be like the characters we read and see. I look at other business and marvel and their imagery and words.  I find such joy in others doing so well, when they are producing great personal marketing, even more so when I see how their audience connect with them. If you think it’s impossible, watch others to see how they apply their selves into their business.

After finishing another book, I started thinking about how long it takes for my interest to be fully involved in the story. The usual indicator is when my hubby says, what’s for tea? And I answer with beans on toast, knowing he can cook it himself.  He he… 😊

 On average, it usually takes me about 5 chapters to be totally immersed into the story, sometimes its longer with some books. but if the synopsis is good enough I will trudge it out a little longer.

Then I started to think about how I decide a book is worth the read? What really draws me in? Well its usually the book cover and title… because it builds my hope up, that a book whose cover is well crafted, must be invested in its visual appetizer. Because it has a clear understanding of how they see their story. I don’t want to know everything I just want a hint of what’s to come, and that its potentially good.

Which reminds me have you ever started reading a book that’s not that great? Finding yourself flicking back to the cover for that visual stimulation, trying to keep you’re interested peaked as the characters build, or as the verbal scenery grows? Otherwise I get lost in all the un-essential crap and the 20 pages they have used to describe trees, the sky the warmth of the day. It sets the scene, but has no real value to the story. Yawn! I know I’m boring myself now, but you know I’m right!

Anyway, I will stop dragging that out and get to the point I’m trying to make, which is… that you can make the same mistake with your personal branding.

Be careful not to put all your energy and imagination into the front identity, make sure that everything has a consistent train of thought from your first impression all the way through to your content marketing. A well-designed story plan, which understands who you are? what you want to achieve? how you benefit your customers to how you want to tell your story? All play a major part in how each of the chapters is understood by your target audience.

Here are some research tips to help you create your stunning business identity

1.       Create a business vision board.

2.       Colours that reflect you

3.       Logos that dazzle you

4.       Blogs you aspire to

5.       Write your business pitch, 1 paragraph

These tips will help you define your business and understand how you want to be seen on a visual level.  In fact, these tips are greatly explained in my latest webinar.

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