Before you say it “It’s not as easy as it looks?” I agree!

But here is how you can take control of what you put into the mix! Using my 3 fundamental tips on to putting more of you into your branding.

When questions such as: - How much is too much? and how little is to little? The answer, moderation is key everything. With social media becoming a bigger part of our everyday business, it’s essential that we are not afraid to step away from our perfect bubble in order to relate to our clients more.

Don’t let this hover through your thoughts for too long, let me help you create clarify this for you, while explaining why allowing you to step forward is essential to how your business will keep growing.

Bringing yourself to the table is essential to your business growth!

You see, being you makes you unique, and it’s what makes what you do and the choices you make different to that of others in your industry. Do you get the point I’m making? For example, you could be a female wellness coach, in a group of male wellness coaches. Everything you guys are putting out there might be similar, but add you’re to the mix and images of you… suddenly the people that choose to connect to you, and their reason for choosing you is very different to that of your counterparts.

If you want to stand out as being unique then don’t be afraid to be you!

As personal branding photographer, with work published both Forbes and Global Women co. I work with many entrepreneurs and business owners helping them to simplify their vision, while bring forth their own individual flavour to the table. I listen attentively to their message, and see that through a visual story of images, very much like a film.

Creating emotive imagery for visual content is my forte!

What I pride myself on and what I’m truly passionate about, is the ability to enliven each unique personality through the method of still photographs and graphics. Most importantly it’s the ability for their personality to shine through. So, that the clients they haven’t yet met, have already made a strong first impression and connection with the person within those photos.

To attract the right customer, you must be right supplier for them! Part of that decision making will be based on how you make them feel about what you do, how they connect with your story.

So how can I help you to achieve the similar results, I have created three simple tips about how to find your personality within your branding story.

Here are 3 tips to get you started

1.       WHO ARE YOU? In other words, what are you like when you talk about your work?  I know networking can be hard, but I am sure you smile, you laugh and you allow your personality to shine through! Why? Because this is who your clients connect with, and this is who you will consistently be. My advice is being true to who you are, ask friends, family, colleagues to answer this. How would you describe my personality in a positive way? Then ask yourself, who do you want to be and how do you want to translate that to those around you?


2.       WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU?  What do you gravitate to, clients will connect with you over your interests and hobbies as well? They will be empowered by your goals. Some of my clients like to cook, read, walk, run, history… etc.  So, I bring these elements into their lifestyle shots to add depth.



3.       SIMPLFY YOUR STORY? I say this to all my clients, what’s your priority…. What is your number one item on your list? Sometimes we get caught up in everything, so many skills to share. My aim is to develop that top skill, so you client has a clear understanding. This is not self-development, but it’s essential to how I tell your story through images. A clearer message helps build better impressions and connections, allowing your personality to shine through easier.