What’s that’s saying? You know the one about the planning…

Oh yeah I remember my dad said it to me all the time…

 “By Failing to Prepare, Your Prepare To Fail!”

Whenever I think about that quote, I do think it’s a tad harsh, but you know what we are in business, and it’s not bloody easy, and you do have to be harsh on yourself. If I apply this quote to every missed opportunity, it certainly becomes apparent as to why I missed those moments. I don’t want to miss moments, and neither do you!

I want to ask you; would you like to be featured in a magazine? Let’s say its Forbes, they have seen what you’re up to. How they have seen you, you’re not sure. But somehow word has got to their journalist and you have peaked their interest. So, she has contacted you and wants to do an interview. What do you do? Well I know you want to say yes! But the deadline is tomorrow and she needs images of you and how you work. Now what do you do?

You have 24 hours to find a budget to pay for a photographer that will show you at your best. There’s no time to be thinking about weight, hair, nails. You need someone who can achieve the brief and edit the work in time.

So now you are at the mercy of the choices you need to make now, and the final ones that will come when you view your pictures.

The truth is, whatever you put out to the world is this digital age will last a life time. The fact this is Forbes can you afford to say no, if you don’t like your images. How will poor images reflect your business?

Can you see how vital and less stressful it is, to create a personal brand that is PR ready from the outset? Let me put it this way, having a PR ready brand will not only help you rise to the challenge when opportunity knocks, but you will be able to seek out and have conversations which allow you to make these moments happen for you. In fact, let’s take it up another notch, if you are PR ready you are telling yourself and your audience how much you want this, how much you believe in what you are doing. You are building up your confidence to the next level.

This quote from the secret, “like attracts like” empowers me to make sure that I am ready in mind and physically for the things I want and know I can attract with the right mindset. My tip to you, is don’t wait for it to happen, have a mindset that already knows what’s to come.

Believe it, aim for it and you will find that these opportunities will never be far away. You will attract the powerful connections, because you won’t be afraid or lacking to enter the right circle, your audience will grow.

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Is personal branding and PR just for the rich and famous… HELL NO! It’s also for you and your business. Do it right from the start, and you will make a powerful impression.