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Theres nothing better than a good debate to test the strength of ones relationship😜 

When nick showed me that shoe I was convinced it was pink and white, and he was convinced it was grey and teal. It didn’t matter how much I twisted my phone, or how much I squinted my eyes I could only see my first colours.  


So we put The shoe to our fb tribe, because it looked different to whom ever looked at it. It was pink and grey to some, and it was grey and teal to others. It even changed colour for some on their second look What colour do you see! After 60 comments, and it’s still going! So here’s the picture or shoe in question....



Why do we see different colours?? So I've been doing some research, because my inner nerd needs an answer. One of the reasons can be eye colour? I know fascinating RIGHT! For my brain to heal I had to do some geeking out.. here’swhat I found out😎


FACT NUMBER 1  :- so being  photographer we work with colour all the time, whether it’s through colour temperture, filters for the camera or in editing. Filters on the lens can nueturalise the wave lengths of colour. Because this is how we see and perceive colours, through their reflected wave lengths which them hit the cones of our retina and tell our brain the colour we’ve learnt it to be.  

The cones in our retina determine what we see.

 FACT NUMBER 2 :- It’s also possible that our mood also effects the way on which we see colours. How crazy is that? 


FACT NUMBER 3:- colour constancy, is also your brain making assumptions as to how the shoe/dress is lit in the photo. Your brain makes a instinctive choice which then determines how you see the colours in your mind. 

I wonder if this happens if you see the object in life, or is more of  phenomenon of digital photography!! Crikey😜😜 I better not order those curtains from amazon!

There you go folks😌😌 lets hope we settled that😜😜

Till next time

Chell & Nick